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About Thanh T. Tran
Values: Hard Work, Building Trust and Superior Results
Languages: English and Vietnamese

Attorney Thanh T. Tran is a first-generation Vietnamese American. Her parents immigrated to the United States and sacrificed everything so she and her siblings can have a better life. Thanh's parents worked hard, built trust amongst their community and as a result, were able to successfully raise  four children in a country where English became their second language.


From an early age, Thanh wanted to use the core values her parents taught her to help people navigate through difficult times. Now, she is an attorney experienced in handling complex cases involving devastating injuries and losses. She takes pride in being able to help clients navigate through difficult times and strives to obtain favorable results that would allow her clients to recover and move forward. Through years of hard work and obtaining successful results for her clients, she has gained the trust of many clients and colleagues in her community.


Aside from her professional career, Thanh enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with them. She devotes her spare time to cultivating her children's minds and experiences through study, peer interaction and travel. She hopes to teach her sons the same core values her parents taught her by setting an example through her work as an attorney. She wants them to know that if they want to enjoy certain luxuries in life, they have to work hard for it - that trust and favorable results have to be earned and not given.


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