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Sexual Abuse 

Dedicated to helping sexual abuse victims find justice.

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Let us help so you can focus on

what matters.

We are here to assist you and your family.

Our goal is to protect you, your financial future and overall well-being. 

Beetham Tran Law Firm is dedicated to helping sexual abuse victims find justice. Our experienced attorneys help sexual abuse victims pursue claims against sexual predators and pedophiles and hold them accountable for their actions. 



Sexual abuse occurs in many different ways and may affect people of all ages and gender.  It may occur in homes, foster homes, adoptive homes, schools, clergy, youth groups, hospitals and at any other facility, organization or entity.  When an incident occurs, the impacts are devastating and lasting. Studies have shown that it impacts a victim's mental health, social and family relationships, and employment. If the incident occurs while the victim is a minor, the impact continues to haunt the victim into their adult life and can be devastating.

Oftentimes, victims are too scared to pursue a claim or unsure if they have a claim to pursue. At Beetham Tran Law Firm, our experienced sexual abuse attorneys are available to listen to your story and to help you determine if you have a claim. The consultation is completely confidential and there will be no pressure to pursue the claim unless you are ready.


We do not get paid until you do.


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